This week on The Coaching Show we interviewed Accomplishment Coaching Senior Leader Laura Fink, PCC.  Laura Fink is a Professional Certified Coach in individual, corporate, and group training capacities. She is a wife, a mother of two children, and an avid seeker of all things related to personal and spiritual growth. She specializes in working with high performers and perfectionist individuals in order to break free from the inner dialogue that drives them, in order to create a more empowering sense of self that will have them execute their goals and aspirations with precision and efficiency. Her approach contains structure without being formulaic. The coaching is intended to call forth her client’s highest and best self and unique sense of leadership. She encourages her clients to stop surviving, and start thriving.


-Keeping our hearts open

-Not viewing each other as on opposing teams 

-Laura’s road to leadership and feminine leadership

-Psychological vs Coaching Background 

-Bring more compassion

-Dehumanizing when we focus only on the end goal

-How high performers often neglect themselves and their relationships

-Control, control, control

-Giving up control and the fear and control associated with it

-Trusting and getting your needs met

-A spiritual look at our needs