Gene Eidelman, the co-founder of Azure Printed Homes, is an immigrant who came to the US at 18 years old with no money and no English. He was educated in college and started developing real estate with his brother, who later became a successful real estate agent.

Despite facing financial issues and learning English, Gene managed to get a real estate license and started doing business. Despite facing financial issues, Gene managed to get a real estate license and enter the real estate industry. Los Angeles provided a huge advantage for Gene, as it was a diverse place with many clients from Eastern Europe.

Gene Eidelman’s story highlights the challenges faced by immigrants in the US, including language barriers, financial issues, and the need for hard work and research. His transition from real estate to the construction industry was a challenging one, but his experience in the construction industry has helped him navigate the challenges and become a successful real estate agent.

{You can hear the full episode on Thursday June 13th}