Michelle Akin comes from the world of YouTube fame, video production, and improv comedy in New York City, but found her true voice through the process of becoming a professional coach. Breaking the company record for number of paid clients attained in the first month of training, she quickly earned her ACC and later PCC credential and moved up in leadership with Accomplishment Coaching at a fast pace. She is a Senior Program Leader, a Master Certified Coach and has led programs in New York City and Washington DC since 2013. Michelle is known for being able to combine tough love and playfulness effortlessly. Having lost her mother one month prior to beginning coach training, she had the unique experience of processing the greatest grief of her life while receiving more support than ever in her life. She credits this program with her transformation from ego-based performer to heart-based, present, connected human being. Her clients are accomplished artists of many forms who are hungry to share their messages with the world in an authentic way, while making money to live their dream lives. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, daughter, mother-in-law, and two dogs.


-From social media influencer and fame to off social media completely

-Creating community everywhere, except on social media

-Uplifting energy and attitudes

-How we see ourselves versus how others see us

-Letting go of the story you hold about yourself and life

-Content and creation

-Relationships and expectations

-Coaching Creatives

-Creative moods, the highs, and lows

-Discovering the why in the process

-The ups and downs of fame and the process of chasing fame

-What does going viral, lighting, and a winning lotto ticket have in common