EP82 – Failure, Where Value is Born
“Eventually you come up with an amazing thing that you’ve worked towards, and it’s built off a bunch of failures that accumulated into a success.”-Erik Martonovich
Erik Martonovich and Alethea Shelton are unique entrepreneurs and entertainers, not only in their business partnership but also in their creative process and adventurous spirit. Together they are recreating the equestrian circus experience with their new show “Gladius The Show” on the Las Vegas Strip. They’ve both competed nationally and worldwide winning titles in the sport of vaulting as well as appearing as original cast members of Cavalia. With “Gladius The Show” they take their vision to new heights and are shining examples of pursuing dreams and building success on the back of constant failure.
Check out their new show “Gladius The Show” at South Point Arena in Las Vegas on July 21st, 2019.
On this episode of The DreamMason Podcast we discuss:-Equestrian games and Cavalia-Gladius The Show-Flowing your dreams despite challenges, obstacles, and circumstances-Living from commitments over your feelings-Failure is where value and innovation are born-The challenges of working with animals-Perception and seeing things differently-The importance of trial and error in creativity-Doing the “impossible”-Following what’s in your hearts
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