Kristen G. Roberts is a California licensed attorney. She is the Founder and Managing Attorney at Trestle Law, APC. Kristen develops and implements brand licensing and certification programs resulting in millions of dollars of revenue for her clients. Consistently recognized as one of the top Intellectual Property attorneys in her area, Kristen has received numerous awards and recognitions including SuperLawyers(r), San Diego Business Journal’s 2019 Business Woman of the Year Finalist, and Best of the Bar four years in a row. Kristen’s decade of expertise and knowledge relating to identifying, prioritizing, and monetizing company and personal brands makes her the go-to attorney for all businesses looking to leverage their brands into tangible revenue. Kristen has been featured in top podcasts and blogs including Balanced Bites, Modern Mamas, Harder to Kill Radio,,, and more. Kristen lives in San Diego, CA with her husband Nick, daughter Billie, and two rambunctious boxers, Ziggy and Zoey.

Guest 1: Kristen G. Roberts

Show Notes

  • Kristen tells us about her signing days and we learn about her practice
  • We talk some basics in the intellectual property world and get some definitions
  • Lets get into generics and what not to do
  • COPYRIGHT, where and where not it can apply
  • Can you talk dollars & cents with a IP lawyer?
  • Thoughts on how to not mis-step on social media in todays climate?

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