Erin Babcock joins us to share her journey. As a physician assistant, she was initially planning to pursue a career in medicine but faced injuries and stress fractures in college. This shifted her perspective, as she realized she could help people by doing something else. During COVID, her mother became involved in the cannabis industry, focusing on essential oils and natural health solutions. She met people from Colorado who founded Primo Gardens Inc., a retail storefront and lab that produces CBD products and other cannabinoid products for retail sale to consumers. Primo Gardens Inc. also produces custom CBD brands.

Cannabis has a long history and background, with its history dating back to 2800 BC and being used for medicinal purposes by Chinese emperors. However, the stigma surrounding cannabis has been a significant issue, with misinformation and propaganda from the last century. The endocannabinoid system, which exists in all creatures, has an innate interaction with the plant, with THC being the primary psychoactive component. The author aims to help educate people about the plant and its therapeutic benefits, as it is essential for our health and balance.

{You can hear the full episode on Thursday, July 20th}