Episode Summary

 Steph and Bennett share their experience in going from we do to we give up. A very vulnerable episode where we go deep to understand what it’s like to not be heard in marriage. The frustrations and fear of having one unsatisfied partner come to terms with her oblivious partner. Steph and Bennett open up what to it’s like to reinvent themselves in their marriage and lean into both the masculine and feminine energies of who they are in support of the love they were both craving. It all works out fine in the end but the journey there is incredible. 


Steph Williamson

Bennett Williamson 

Show Notes

  •  What’s it like to bring a hard conversation to your partner?
  • The frustrations when they can’t hear what’s so hard to speak.
  • Maybe we aren’t;t meant to be, how do we know?
  • Steph talks about her Accomplishment Coaching Team supporting her with a special acknowledgment to Rodney Mueller
  • Getting bad advice from family and friends and how the impacts our process
  • We Dive into Masculine and Feminine Practices To support Conscious Coupling
  • How the answers to what we want in our relationships are within
  • Turning inward and discovering intuitive gifts
  • How we don’t give ourselves credit for the capacity of what we can be with
  • The importance of professionals in reinventing relationships;


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