Episode Summary

Jess and Bob share what it’s like when there is not much to do. We discuss our experience of being business owners during the pandemic, what we are noticing about ourselves, and the opportunity we see in the problems we are all facing. Jess then digs into her intimate and vulnerable experience in consciously divorcing her husband. The importance of getting supported and also noticing when the feelings come back up.


Jess Hopp

Show Notes

  • We talk about our experience of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • How an event planner plan events in the time of social isolation
  • Practicing self care like a ten year old
  • Transformation and self care
  • Defining ourselves from the doing to the being
  • How not knowing who we are impacts our relationships
  • Living together when you know it’s over
  • Moving back home as adult
  • Is this the walking Dead?
  • The importance of having tools in the time of unknown
  • How working with professionals is critical in moving through with love


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