Man oh man does this episode make me nervous.

There was once a little boy who would spend upwards of 22 hours a day in his room playing video games and watching TV. Not because that’s what he enjoyed, but that’s how he felt safe.

But the entire time he was growing up, he desperately wanted to speak. He wanted to share himself. But he felt like it wasn’t safe.

If it isn’t obvious, I was that little boy.

To honor that little boy I once was, and the man with the world-changing voice I have grown into, I’m honored and privlided to announce…I’ve written a new book.

“Mining For My Voice” is an intimate look inside my transformation. From the events and stories which taught me that my voice wasn’t important, to the people, places, events, and creatures who taught me how important and vital my voice was – I pull no punches.

My purpose for writing and publishing this book isn’t to brag about how great I am. My purpose is to show you that YOU can uncover your own world changing voice. And I pray this book can serve as a roadmap to help you uncover that voice.

And if it takes a shovel, pickaxe, and some dynamite…then so be it.

“Mining For My Voice” coming this November.

If you want to get on my launch team for this book, simply email with the subject line “Mining For My Voice” and you’ll get on the list. – the Lake Street Dive song I referenced.

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