Pronoia is the belief that the Universe is conspiring with us. When I first saw this word I thought it was an obscure Def Leppard album title. During this podcast I got a beautiful lesson on how powerful this concept really is.

My guest is Kristina Crooks, an ontological coach and the CEO of Empowered Human. And in our conversation, she takes me (and our listeners) through a crazy powerful lesson on pronoia and the way this concept affects your psyche.

And after we finished recording, I received one of the single most beautiful text messages I have ever received.

So draw yourself a bath and follow along on an incredibly powerful journey.

About Kristina Crooks:

Kristina Crooks is an Ontological Coach and founder of Empowered Human LLC. She helps leaders, creatives and individuals align their inner being with their outer doing so that they can be the architect of their life, make big decisions, and take inspired action. She has been coaching privately for nearly 5 years and was personally trained by an Executive Coach and Ontologist with 30 years experience coaching CEO’s and Tech Founders. Her vision is to create a well recognized brand known for consulting, coaching and speaking that empowers people to be bold and lead with courage, vulnerability, and playfulness.

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