Several previous guests on this podcast have suggested I reach out to Scott, and this conversation did not disappoint.

In this poignant conversation, Scott and I speak about how he grew in his faith and in his spirituality during his late wife’s 20+ year battle with breast cancer. And how we as men can all do well to find our balance and live a little more from the heart.

Scott’s one of the authors in a remarkable collaborative book called “Sacred Death” and he also speaks of being a transcendent man, which is the subject of a new collaborative book coming out next spring.

About Scott:

Scott Holmes is a Reiki Master, Polarity Therapist, RYSE teacher, and Theta Healer living south of Boston, Massachusetts. His journey through loss and caregiving has allowed the healing tools we all possess to come to fruition. His practice is a mixture of modalities that allow healing on the emotional, spiritual, physical, and energetic planes. Chakra clearing, Inner child healing, Chord clearing, Belief transformation, Inner male and female realignment, Energetic flow, Self-realization, Meditation, Crystals, Therapeutic oils, and Acupressure are all tools used to help transform those things that no longer serve you. – Scott’s Website – Scott’s Email – To order “Sacred Death”

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