“From a–hole to transformation junkie, Alex Terranova’s journey to change his life wasn’t easy. In fact, transforming from flippant restaurant-opening playboy to self-loving, self-aware coach for high performers simply wasn’t predictable.” – That’s the first paragraph from the summary of Alex Terranova’s debut book “Fictional Authenticity.”

And yeah…it fits.

When I met Alex when I was in my coach training program, I wasn’t sure what to expect from him. If you look past his uber cool guy Zack Morris from “Saved By The Bell” wannabe exterior, you’ll find a deep and introspective guy who has really made a name for himself in coaching and in podcasting.

And his flagship podcast – “The DreamMason Podcast” was a major inspiration for me to start Soul-R Powered.

I had a load of fun with this conversation. It went deep into territories I wasn’t quite expecting. And I’m honored to share it with you.

About Alex:

Alex has been dubbed “The Anti-Excuses Coach” by Yahoo Finance, he’s the Breaker of Limiting Mental Beliefs with the docile tones Behind many popular podcasts. He’s a sometimes model, and a wanna-be Yogi Guru and Poet. Legend has it he’s fortified with strength from a plant-based diet and was once a Reality Show Villian. He’s a Word Inventor and if there were dragons he would be the Father of them. The DreamMason, Alex Terranova, is a Professional Certified Coach, the author of “Fictional Authenticity”, co-author of the Amazon bestselling book “Redefining Masculinity,” and Personal & Professional Performance Coach. Alex also hosts “The DreamMason Podcast,” “The Frequency Shifters Show,” and he co-hosts “The Coaching Show Podcast.” As a coach, Alex supports strong & successful type-A high achievers to break free from convention, embrace the rebel within them, and more deeply explore the complex and agitated edges of their existence to create more clarity, freedom, and success.


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