Raven is joined by Alison Anne who is leading the Restaurant Revolution as bars and restaurants re-open post-COVID. She believes that the key to greater financial success in the hospitality industry (and all industries) is employee engagement and well-being, from ownership right down to the dishwashing team.

Alison is the founder of Alison Anne Coaching and is an 18-year vet of the Baltimore and Washington, DC restaurant industry. She started out hosting and bussing tables at a small family-owned sports restaurant in her hometown a week after she turned 17, and when she left the industry, she was the Communications and Events Director, plus AGM and floor manager and staff therapist and whoever else they needed her to be at a 500-person capacity sports bar in downtown DC.

Alison’s time working as a server/bartender — while pursuing a full-time acting career — provided her with incredible time management skills, financial management expertise, and healthy coping mechanisms. And as she moved up the ladder into leadership, Alison gained an essential understanding of what it takes to be a good manager, in terms of both maximizing profits and supporting her people. When she worked somewhere, everyone made more money!

After helping some of her friends figure out how to get their raises and ideal schedules, Alison entered the Accomplishment Coaching Coach Training Program with the goal of beefing up her coaching skills so she could help other people get those things too.

Alison soon discovered that to make an impact on all of her restaurant employee family, She wanted to support management teams to create healthier, more engaged teams with an eye towards increased revenue, decreased turnover, and overall improved employee well-being. Alison helps bars and restaurants identify techniques and policies that are affecting management and employees in both positive and negative ways, develop new policies and practices, and create workplaces that hire effectively and then hang onto their employees.

The restaurant industry is a people industry, and Alison supports businesses to reach their business goals by putting their people first!