Episode Summary

Whether you have kids or not this episode is for you.Talking to kids about gender and sexuality can seem daunting, but it is incredibly important! Lindz will talk about why it’s important and how to get past some of the roadblocks in the way of having these conversations. They’ll go over a little gender and sexualities 101 and talk about some tools to help kids understand gender and sexuality.We talk about pronouns, diverse family structures, and using Lindz’s webseries, the importance of being an ally, the impact of not, and all the other Queer Kid Stuff!

Guest 1: Lindsay Amer

Show Notes

-Growing up in a conventional environment

-What are some of the signs that something is up

-What is the difference between gender and sexuality 

-Sexuality structure

-When can children identify their own gender

-At what age do kids understand their sexuality

-Intentionality around unlearning

-The impact of doing nothing about this

-The value of being an ally

-What tools can we use to uplift the generations to come around this social justice movement

Links Mentioned:

Lindsay’s Web series – Queer Kid Stuff

Lindsay’s Podcast – Activist, You! Where I talk to kid activists about social justice topics.

Lindsay’s TED Talk and availability for speaking and performance engagements

www.AutoStraddle.com LGBTQIA+ 5 Day Camp 

Resources to Support Parents: 



This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids: A Question & Answer Guide to Everyday Life (Book for Parents of Queer Children, Coming Out to Parents and Family)- Dannielle Owens-Reid


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