Episode Summary

Why Strong Women Often Feel Empty & Disconnected Inside: What If a Woman Was Truly CONNECTED? The “New” Feminine Leadership Paradigm Reclaiming and Embodying Ancient Feminine Arts and Queenly “Secrets” How to Actually Heal Your Emotions, Powerfully and Permanently The Unique Power of Feminine Creation Tune in to have all these answered by Cherie Burton!

Show Notes

-What do we do with these “stuck” and big emotions coming up during this Pandemic?

-Does healing really need to be so complex and complicated?

-What to do with the gap between the fear response and your anxiety

-What keeps women from truly showing up as sovereign queens in their life domains?

-Holding unprocessed trauma: Grief and sadness are held in the lungs

-Why do strong women often feel so lost, empty and disconnected?

-Why do women often turn to food for spiritual connection, and how can emotional eating be healed, powerfully and permanently?

-How would your world change if you had an authentic, powerful connection to your body, to your soul, to the divine, and to others?

–How to Sensory Anchor During A Planetary Rebirth


It’s a free multi-sensory healing kit (downloadable) www.StandSpeakShine.com

3-Minute Feminine Power Meditation to Begin Each Day with a Creation Mindset

30-Second Breathing Exercise for Instant Calming & De-Stressing

A Simple Yoga Pose that Instantly Grounds You into Mother Earth

Nourishing, Body-Awakening Smoothie Recipe

A Queenly Aromatherapy Blend Recipe (for Self-Anointing)

List of My Top 3 Must-Reads for Self-LOVE & Soul SOVEREIGNTY

Simple, Proven Mantra for Transforming Your Mind/Body into a Higher Vibration

A “Journal Prompt” Question that Wakes Up Your Soul to Her Aliveness!

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