Episode Summary

Outdoor adventure isn’t limited to flashy activities by incredibly athletic people dressed in coordinated apparel on the pages of a magazine; there is a vast variety of adventure types, to fit the lifestyles of any who want to experience the outdoors on their own terms. Cat Eckrode strongly believes that anyone can and should enjoy the outdoors in ways that inspire and fulfill them. She also knows – from personal experiences – that there are so many incredible rewards that come from time in the outdoors. Before she could reap the benefits, she had to overcome many of the invisible hurdles that can keep a person from ever setting foot on a trail with confidence. By sharing some of her personal journey, she hopes to inspires others to take steps towards starting their own adventures.

Guests: Cat Eckrode

Show Notes

  • Pushing through our limitations
  • Find that thing that gets you excited to go outside
  • Where do you find other adventurers? 
  • Growth through the outdoors
  • Mental and emotional growth in addition to the well-known physical benefits
  • “Invisible hurdles”
  • What are your outdoor adventure goals?
  • Getting connected

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