Episode Summary

From survival mode, having navigated through her husband’s affair, him leaving, becoming a single mom, and starting her own business while building a whole new system for caring for herself. Jenelle is now on a mission to give every mom the tools to do so before crisis hits. 

Jenelle does just that by giving moms permission to put themselves at the top of the priority list and giving them the tools to do so. Self-care is not something you do once a week or month, it happens in small moments throughout every single day, in the midst of the chaos. Jenelle teaches moms how to adopt the Choose You for Two mindset: by taking just two minutes out of every hour to honor yourself and your needs. Join us in this episode as we discuss radical self-care, stepping out of fear and refusing to be a victim of our circumstance. 

Guests: Jenelle Woodlief

Show Notes

  • From broken to strong
  • Shift out of Necessity
  • Emerge from your surroundings
  • Choose You for Two mindset
  • Ditching mom guilt and the burnout of the back burner
  • Childhood Micro Trauma Effects
  • Body Work
  • Self-Care Revolution
  • Consistency Creates Change
  • WONDERmom’s 3-step guide to Thriving through the Holidays

Links Mentioned:

  • Worn-out Mom to WONDERmom virtual self-care coaching program

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