Episode Summary

“It’s time to turn up the volume on your inner voice and turn down the noises of life.” We invite you in on the conversation of how we hear and receive information from our intuition – how acting on our intuition rebuilds trust that leads to believing in yourself as well as something bigger looking out for you. Can plants talk? Building a stronger connection to your own inner wisdom by listening to theirs. Here how you can get supported to create, discern, heal and grow your connection to yourself.

Guests: AmberJane

Show NotesFollowing your giftsExamples of intuitionPlant WisdomEssential Oils

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Plant Wisdom – Spiritual Messages from the Plant Kingdom

Free Master Class Oct. 11th Register here : http://bit.ly/2mJbA7M

A FREE Spiritual First Aid Kit – a collection of resources and activities that you can do to stop from spiralling down

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