Guest:: Vanessa Couto

Astrology for connecting with your soul’s purpose, getting to know yourself better, and self-care. Working with astrology for business branding for the purpose-driven entrepreneurs out there. Our birth chart is our life’s roadmap and also a reflection of our sacred inner landscape. It’s our cosmic real estate. Understanding the symbolic language of astrology helps us not only to understand ourselves better, but it also helps us be more compassionate and understanding of others. Not to mention that we have a better grip of the larger unfolding forces that inform our culture and time in history.


Show Notes

● Why astrology?

● What’s my approach to astrology?

● What other elements inform my work?

● How did I get to do what I’m doing now: astrology, art, and teaching.

● The challenges of coming out of the closet as an astrologer.

● Moon & Goddesses Series where Vanessa weave myth and astrology as a way to expand our dialogue with the archetypes.

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