If you dissect two human beings, chances are their internal components would look quite similar. But no two human beings are wired the same.

Join me and my repeat guest Kristi Hoffa Sullivan for a conversation that completely blew my mind. Kristi is an author in Transformation 2020 – A Ladies’ Power Lunch Anthology and writes about how the concept of human design helped to transform her own life.

And be advised, there’s a “well dang, I had no idea” moment in this conversation for ME, but it makes so much sense.

About Kristi:

Kristiana H. Sullivan is a wellness advocate and self-care expert with a passion for health, wealth and happiness – and helping women thrive in these areas. She began her journey nearly two decades ago as a yoga teacher (RYT200) and entrepreneur while culling her communication skills at nonprofit environments in Connecticut. During COVID, Kristi took her business online and now hosts a virtual membership community to connect busy women to resources and support for curating daily self-care rituals that fit their lifestyle. In addition to hosting wellness webinars, she teaches workshops and does readings about Human Design and the art of aligning with your true self for manifesting abundance and authentically living your best life. Kristi encourages her clients and students to be inspired and empowered, and also enjoys sharing her marketing background to guide like-minded, holistic practitioners to change the world. She is a co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing, Volume 2; The Great Pause: Blessings & Wisdom from COVID-19; and Transformation 2020 (all written and published on Amazon during the 2020 pandemic). She has been a speaker on various podcasts and webinars, including for the University of Hartford’s Women’s Entrepreneurial Center, the Women in Business Summit, Ladies Power Lunch, and B.I.G. and will soon be launching a video series on WellWorld.TV.

To connect with Kristi and check out her offerings to help you get aligned and authentically live your best life, visit kristisselfcare.com, follow @KristiHSullivan on Instagram, or join her group on Facebook: Kristi’s Self Care Tribe.

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