In this episode Cosmos Dar interviews Carol Carpenter. Carol is a successful entrepreneur, model, actress, and motorcycle/race enthusiast. she started MotoVixens LLC, a motorcycle track day organization. Carol is a first-generation child born in the United States with immigrant parents from Taiwan. She grew up experiencing the freedom of the American culture along with the deep rooted traditions of the Chinese culture, speaking both English and Taiwanese and was both Presbyterian and Buddhist. This unconventional upbringing has given her a unique perspective on how she views the world. Observing these vast differences allowed insight to various viewpoints and has shaped how she navigates her businesses and relationships. Being female in her culture and a child of the US with all its privileges, Carol was caught amid the clashing of two cultures and had to learn how to accept and integrate them both into her life. In this episode Carol shares her experiences of how she fought against the odds to become a successful female immigrant entrepreneur in a male dominated field. This is the story of an Extraordinary American!


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