There’s a giant irony about this episode. I had Kacey on this podcast to speak about her contribution to the book Transformation 2020 – from the creator of The Great Pause, Elizabeth B. Hill. This book features lady spiritual leaders writing about their own personal transformations. I’ll include a link to purchase this amazing book below.

But the irony is this. After spending an hour speaking with Kacey about her transformation, I learned unexpected lessons about my OWN personal transformation! Lessons that taught me “well dang, maybe I am further along than I thought.”

Kacey Cardin is a coach, singer, and coaching trainer. And when I first met her, she intimidated me a little bit. Small in stature, but huge in presence, Kacey projects an air of confidence and having her s*** together.

However during this conversation, she shares deeply and vulnerably the foundational traumas and lessons she learned from those traumas, to help her transform into the leader she is today.

It’s a deeply personal and vulnerable conversation and I’m honored that she chose to have it on this podcast with me.

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