Otis has a love for seeing others achieve. Throughout his time in the Army Special Operations, teaching rugby, and business, he utilized this enthusiasm. He is now motivated to develop stronger leaders. According to Otis, better leaders build better teams, better teams build better communities, and better communities build better worlds.

In this episode, Otis explains how to live the green beret lifestyle, get rid of excuses, and bring calm into your life while finding your purpose and fulfilling your dream.


{02:00} Otis’s life in the military

{06:00} What is available for Vets leaving the military?

{10:10} The green beret lifestyle

{16:00} Get rid of excuses.

{19:11} Bring calm into your life.

{29:00} The land of the free and the place dreams are made.

{34:00} Find your purpose.

{39:30} Tribe and Purpose

Otis McGregor Bio:

Otis worked as a Business Development Manager, Director, and Chief Strategy Officer for several companies. In 2009, he founded LTO Enterprises, LLC to help businesses win government contracts. In 2021, he rebranded LTO to become Tribe + Purpose, aligning with how they operate and their business purpose. They focus on creating better leaders to lead high-performing teams. He is a certified business performance coach and certified project director and trainer through The Institute of Project Management.

Otis retired from the US Army in 2009 as a Green Beret Lieutenant Colonel following 25 years of service. While in the Army, he had a broad range of experience from being a private driving tanks five years older than him; to an engineer in the Arctic, running heavy equipment in the most extreme arctic conditions, to leading Green Berets on complex and dangerous missions around the world. Otis also had the unique experience of being part of new organizations and creating these new units into cohesive, effective organizations. This experience ranged from Arctic conditions in Alaska to counter-terrorism units in Iraq and Afghanistan to NATO Special Operations Headquarters. Being part of these organizations from the ground up has given me immense experience in creating successful organizations

Otis lives in Colorado with his wife, Suzanne. They have three grown children living in the USA.

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