In this episode, I’m joined by Elena Arecco Bridgmon and Sheila Storrer of Luscious Mother. Elena is a Professional Certified Coach, and Chief Administrative Officer of Luscious Mother. Sheila is a Professional Life and Leadership Coach, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Founding member of Luscious Mother. 

We have a delightful conversation about parenting during the pandemic – what worked, what definitely didn’t, and what we’re taking with us into the “after times.” Elena and Sheila share advice for parents on getting supported.

About the guests:

Elena Arecco Bridgmon, PCC, MBA, Chief Administrative Office of Luscious Mother is a professional coach, facilitator, leader, and former human resources professional. She is dedicated to the leadership development of women in the workforce. She has 20 years of professional experience working in companies large and small. 

Elena wears many hats, but the one she treasures most is being mother to her two amazing little girls. Motherhood, for Elena, is being able to model for her daughters that being a fulfilled working mother – in addition to loving partner and friend – is not only a possibility, but a reality they get to see in their own home every day. 

Elena received her B.S. in Marketing from Clemson University and an International M.B.A. from the University of South Carolina where she also studied Spanish in Mexico and Peru.

When at home in Charlotte, NC, Elena can be found at yoga, snuggled up watching a movie with her family, connecting with friends over a glass of wine, having an impromptu karaoke session, or outside enjoying nature. She is passionate about food and travel, ardent bordering on fanatical about Clemson football (Go Tigers!), and dedicated to the daily practice of consciously living an epic life.

Sheila Storrer is a founding team member at Luscious Mother, a network of life and leadership coaches dedicated to empowering women around motherhood, work, their relationships, and beyond. Sheila’s training as a coach emphasizes a holistic approach that looks at the interconnectivity of our professional and personal lives, who we really want to be in the world, and the thinking that gets in the way of living the lives we really desire.

Sheila’s coaching career began with a focus on helping women navigate the turbulent waters of parenting teens and tweens. Certified as a Positive Discipline Trainer and mother to two teenage boys, she created the Happy Parent | Happy Teen coaching program to help women feel more confident about their parenting skills, less anxious about their children’s futures, and ultimately have more energy to focus on their own futures and their life outside of being a mom.

A Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Sheila devoted the first two decades of her professional life to supporting adults and families in a variety of professional settings. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Wheaton College and her Master of Social Work degree from California State University, Long Beach. She now lives in Seattle with her husband and is embarking on the next phase of her motherhood journey as an empty nester.