In this episode Cosmos Dar interviews Morry David. Morry has an education in electronics, advertising, marketing, and journalism, which has allowed his entrepreneurial nature to flourish. His music industry career started as a music teacher at age sixteen and continued for many years. At twenty one he opened the most advanced recording studio in the Philadelphia area in which he recorded top artists like Stevie Wonder. He then applied his knowledge of sound dynamics to custom design systems for all of the area’s top discotheques. At thirty he owned a successful security distributorship and was recruited by manufacturers to design alarm equipment. He currently operates a security company where his innovative systems range from detection and reporting devices, access control, remote cctv, computer networking and commercial phone systems. As an eleven-year board director of HVAA, his marketing and fund-raising efforts supported the activities of thousands of children. His involvement with the E. S. J. F. foundation has helped raise over $3 million for breast cancer research. His passions range from helping children, raising money for charity to playing music and writing. He has written multiple bestselling books under his pen name: M. David such as “The Chase” and “The Ghost of Sheppard’s Inn”. He latest book, (Cosmo), is currently on its way to become a major motion picture. Morry has also done multiple podcasts, webcasts and TV interview shows. He’s currently developing a series for the BLU TV network where he will produce and co-host multiple shows addressing bullying, fears, dementia, the mindset of an entrepreneur, etc.. He is a firm believer that the fear of failure should never interfere with pursuing a dream.


  • At an early age his entrepreneurial skills and abilities to “think outside the box” began to emerge. If something was broken he analyzed the problem and determined how to fix it. Starting at eight-years-of-age he repaired televisions and pinball machines.
  • He learned how to play the piano and at sixteen began teaching hundreds of children to enjoy playing. In addition, he opened a music school to help other musicians teach their craft.
  • Morry professionally played the piano (along with his custom-designed, electronic accompany equipment) for cocktail parties and events of the “rich and famous”. He also became a member of the house band of a popular Philadelphia television dance show.
  • He attended Temple University for electronic engineering and then the distinguished “Charles Morris Price School” where he received degrees in advertising, marketing and journalism.
  • He was mentored by the presidents and top executives of several of Philadelphia’s and New York’s successful advertising agencies and public relation firms. He joined the United States Coast Guard Reserve and was trained as a port security agent and firefighter.
  • At age twenty-one, Morry opened Philadelphia’s most advanced twenty-four-track recording studio and worked with the Philharmonic Orchestra and other amazing musicians like Stevie Wonder. He recorded commercials for the Coast Guard and produced a Howdy Doody resurgence album.
  • When he turned twenty-four, he took his knowledge of sound equalization and applied it to outfitting all the Philly area discotheques with custom sound equipment which became the standard in that industry.
  • Working with children ignited his passion for writing. At sixty eight, he published two best selling books (The Chase and The Ghost of Sheppard’s Inn) within the first year. His third book ( Cosmo) is now being considered for a major motion picture.
  • Morry has done a number of TV interview shows and commercials. At sixty-nine, he is developing a series of television shows for BLU Television in which he will co-host with a respected psychiatrist to discuss the development of the entrepreneurial mindset.