Episode Summary:

In this fascinating episode of the Soul-R Powered Podcast, we sit down with Robin Finney, an intuitive coach and the founder of Soulo Experiences. Robin shares her insights on how traveling to new places can lead to profound self-discovery and personal growth.

About Our Guest:

Robin Finney is an intuitive coach for Soulo Experiences, an oracle, a certified Sourced™ Leader Retreat Master, and a transformational coach. She's also an author, international model & speaker, world traveler, and the founder of Wandering Aunt. Robin is passionate about supporting others in building confidence and trust through solo travel, coaching, retreats, and photoshoot experiences. Since 2018, she has embraced a bold, unconventional life as a nomad, living and traveling all over the world.

Key Topics Discussed:

The transformative power of traveling alone.

How new experiences can reveal hidden aspects of our personality.

Practical tips for gaining confidence and trust through travel.

Robin's journey to becoming a world traveler and the lessons she's learned along the way.

The impact of solo travel on personal and spiritual growth.

Connect with Robin Finney:

Website: Wandering Aunt

Instagram: @wanderingaunt

Tune in for an inspiring conversation that will encourage you to explore the world and, in turn, discover more about your self. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Robin's unique experiences and insights!

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