Join us for an inspiring conversation with Michael Padurano, the founder of Inner Luminance, a personal development company dedicated to empowering individuals to overcome life's greatest challenges. In this intimate and powerful conversation, Michael shares his remarkable transformation –  from facing near-death to battling addiction and fighting for custody of his children. Discover how he turned his pain into purpose and founded Inner Luminance to help others find their own inner light.

This truly is a remarkable conversation with a remarkable man. And it proves once again that our stories can change the world. Michael’s story has already change his world. 


I am the living example of growing forward from all extremes to inner balance while living into my definitive purpose. My definitive purpose is to elevate humanity through knowledge and understanding. I live by example, in radical self-awareness while guiding others to seek the same for themselves. I unapologetically live in my objective truth. My favorite gifts to give to others are to inspire them to be self-inspired and empower them to be self-empowered.


I am a creator in a life of limitlessness within a universe of infinite possibilities. I am not a coach. I guide others towards their own answers, solutions, and healing by relating through my vulnerable truth. We all have our own perspectives, within those perspectives are our own answers…we just need to be shown where and how to look.


Take a moment to reflect on something incredibly important that often goes unnoticed in our fast-paced lives – our Inner Luminance. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to get caught up in our responsibilities, routines, and the demands of the external world. We often forget to nurture and cherish the inner light that resides within each of us. This inner luminance is what makes us unique, beautiful, and capable of spreading positivity and love to those around us.


Your Inner Luminance is a powerful force within you, waiting to be acknowledged and shared with the world. As you embrace and nurture it, you'll find that it not only enriches your life but also has a positive ripple effect on those around you.

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