So often, those of us with big life goals and big plans find ourselves needing a step-by-step formula to create the life we desire. And when our goals and life don’t neatly fall into that recipe, we can feel lost. 

That’s when you know it’s time to Unscript Your Life.

My guest has done just that. 

Hayden Humphrey had a high-powered career that looked good on paper. But he was feeling little sense of fulfillment or joy. Little by little, Hayden found he was able to create his life with a lot more ease and purpose simply by being curious and breaking up with those scripts. And now Hayden helps his clients create their big lives simply by unscripting their lives. 

Join us for a lively conversation about leadership, transformation, and letting life come to us. 

About Hayden:

Hayden Humphrey is an Uplifter and Mindset Coach, out to help people break up with the script and become the creators of their own lives.

Hayden works with people 1:1 in his private practice and also facilitates mastermind and networking groups.

He lives in Columbus, Ohio, and loves black coffee, improv comedy, and his family.

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