The further and farther I go into my storytelling journey, I have come to the belief that telling you story can save your life. To uncover the pain and the trauma that paints our stories so that we can share what we've been through, that can save lives.

It's saved mine.

And it's also saved the life of our guest, James Francis.

I came to know James through reading his remarkable memoir There's Coffee in the Fridge. He also generously contributed his story to The Expanding Man Chronicles.

On the surface, James' was living the American dream. He had it all. He was a college lacrosse star. He found success in the business world. And he also had a beautiful and loving family.

But his mental health was fried.

In this conversation, we speak about the importance of deep connection, removing shame from our pain, and the importance of having coffee in the fridge.

That's a metaphor and you'll need to listen to this conversation and read his book to find out what it means.

This is a powerful conversation and I'm honored to share it with you:

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