In this special episode, we’re expanding our scope of what our podcast is about. 

Along with my partner, fellow Vino & Vision Your First 100K bootcamp coach Brenda Cline, we answer some questions about our new venture in group coaching. 

If you’re a coach, or healing solopreneuer, this is a must listen. We speak about what our boot camp is all about, how we’re helping our fellow entrepreneurs grow their revenue and hold them accountable to creating massive growth in their businesses. 

And Brenda and I will be right in the trenches with you!

About Brenda: 

Brenda Cline was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and graduated from Texas A&M University. She began her career as a dual-certified teacher, teaching at a public high school; she quickly became passionate about leadership development, a passion that continues to this day.  

Answering an inward call to action to help others, Brenda returned to school, graduating from nursing school. Her nursing career has spanned 10 years, during which time she has worked with special populations, provided outreach to underserved populations, and developed and implemented health, wellness, and safety programs for patients under her care, as well as training other nurses and healthcare workers. She has served as a nurse, first responder, volunteer firefighter, in management, and as a support group facilitator; education & helping others have remained her passions.

Brenda has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and simultaneous to her nursing career has had experience in direct sales, owning and operating a successful food truck and catering business, running a hobby farm and Nigerian dwarf goat breeding operation, and owning and operating an aerial drone photography & videography business. 

Still true to her passions of teaching, leadership development, and helping others, Brenda has chosen to utilize her skills and experience to coach other entrepreneurs and business leaders. – Brenda’s private coaching services – Connect with Brenda

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