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Positive social relationships affect physical and mental health, and can promote well-being and healthy behavior in both the individual and those within their social network such as friends, family, and children. In the family realm, we know that parenting support programs reduce child maltreatment, neglect, and corporal punishment while also increasing use of positive parenting practices and improving parent confidence.

While this is true for all parents, mothers share the brunt of the family life responsibilities and they are often the gatekeepers of family relationships. Mothers impact home life, school life, work life…you name it. We know that parents, especially moms, are stressed, and when family life suffers, that spills into all realms of life. Science is clear that having more positive than negative interactions improves relationships and improving relationships yields healthier and happier outcomes for family members and the workplace.

Family Life Coaching is an evidence-based approach to support family members, including parents and moms. In this podcast, Dr. Allen share more about the impact of stress on families, the importance of supporting families, and how coaching is the way to do it!

Guest 1: Kimberly Allen

Show Notes

  • Let’s talk about conferences
  • Intro to family coaching
  • How ‘easy’ are pronouns for the new generation
  • The difference between family phycology and business or personal coaching
  • “The Magic Ratio”
  • Christopher talks about his kids and being a ‘guard’ at home.
  • Resources from Family Life Coaching Association
  • FLCA and all the resources on their site
  • Kim talks about her research and book writing

Links Mentioned:

Theory, Research, and Practical Guidelines for Family Life Coaching

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