Episode Summary

This episode, Dr. Adi Jaffe is here to support you in helping individuals with issues related to shame, mental health, drug-addiction, sex-addiction, and/or gambling. 

Whatever you’re comfortable calling addiction (disease, affliction, syndrome or a moral failing) there’s no doubt that it’s having a great, negative, impact on those it affects.

Dr. Jaffe has studied what he calls “The pathway to addiction,” the ways people become addicted and the reasons they may stay stuck in addiction. He’s learned a lot about about the genetic, behavioral, and environmental influences on addiction and drug-abuse. In creating the IGNTD Recovery™ Program Dr. Jaffe used that knowledge to benefit you. It’s the only program of its kind.

Guest 1: Dr. Adi Jaffe

Show Notes

  • Christopher and Alex talk about the new year and their holidays
  • Let’s talk about ‘Fuck Shame’
  • Adi lets us in to his addictive past
  • Alex shares about his break up
  • Adi gives his advice and they talk about igntd relationships
  • Adi lets us into his relationship
  • FREE book giveaway

Links Mentioned:

IGNTD Recovery free workshop: https://www.igntdrecovery.com/

IGNTD Hero Program: http://igntdrecovery.com/transforming-addiction

FREE book (just pay for shipping) – https://www.theabstinencemyth.com/

Would be happy to do a giveaway with the book (audiobook and/or physical copy) on social if you’d like to 🙂

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