Episode Summary

It is a long-held belief that “coaching, is coaching, is coaching”…and as more women and people of color gain access to coaching support, it is becoming clear that social group identity can factor into the coaching relationship. The topic of coaching with identity in mind is one that has moved to the forefront in discussions about coach competency and coach training.

As Coaches, when and how do we intervene in a coaching conversation that has taken an unexpected turn to issues of social group identity? How does my power as a Coach (the often unacknowledged, but perceived expert in the coaching relationship) play out in a coaching relationship with someone whose worldview is different from my own? When does my lack of knowledge of systemic and cultural awareness trigger a fear of saying the “wrong thing” thereby keeping me from meeting the client where they are in the coaching conversation?

Listeners will learn to: 1. Own their power in the coach-client dynamic; 2. Understand the impact of “in and out-group” dynamics as a key to understanding their clients; and 3. Explore the benefit of applying the Fifth Domain Coaching Model to their coaching framework.

Guest 1: Sukari Pinnock-Fitts

Show Notes

  • What are your feelings towards pronouns?
  • How do we work around pronouns in everyday living?
  • Talking preconceived notions when meeting and seeing people.
  • Sukari recommends books about biases, race and pronouns.
  • Views on coaching and the socio-economic areas it only seems to be reaching.
  • Talking power dynamics in the coaching field
  • Social group identity: age, culture, gender, religion, race, ect.
  • How do you train coaches to recognise the lack of sensitivity in clients?

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