Episode Summary

Audience will learn about what may be holding them back and how to transcend it. Robert is a culture strategist and the co-creator of Zappos insights. As one of the authorities in employee culture Robert has worked with Google, Toyota and Eli Lilly, just to mention a few. He has innovated inside of the business culture world and now has his two books backing his amazing career.

Guest 1: Robert Richman

Show Notes

  • Christopher talks about his start in coaching
  • Robert gives us some insight to his time at Georgetown
  • A magic pill derived from ‘the red pill”
  • Lets talk placebo
  • Christopher talks about his “X pill” experience
  • Alex shares about his commitment pengellum
  • Robert tells us his experiences with his own pill
  • What about people with serious ailments?
  • Have there been any bad experiences?
  • NYD X Pill experience
  • Parting thoughts for coaches

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