Episode Summary

According to the World Health Organisation, stress is a global health epidemic and burnout is on the increase. Shockingly the chances of burning out as an entrepreneur are 4 times higher than in the average population. No one is safe

In this episode, you will learn

• The stark facts about stress and burnout

• The symptoms to look out for

• The consequences of not looking after yourself (Sarah’s story)

• What you can do to help yourself and others

Guest: Sarah Sparks

Show Notes

Sarah talks about her Fictional Authenticity.

Is stress good to bad?

Are workplaces more aware that burnout is on the rise or are they in denial?

Is it easy to recover from burnout?

How can we tell whether you are suffering from chronic stress?

What are some typical daily habits you can do to improve your situation?

Are work places acknowledging the rise in burnouts?

Lets talk about Sarah’s “Thrive Tribe”?

What are Alex and Clarice’s take aways?

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