Episode Summary

Alex Terranova might not always follow the rules, or be who others want him to be but that hasn’t impeded his commitment to transformation and developing himself as a leader and coach. This week he is interviewed by Christopher McAuliffe around staying authentic in a sea change, flexibility in morning routines, transforming his relationship to religion, and the challenges he faces around feeling like a success. They touch on Alex masculine and feminine energy, social issues and  the processes of writing his book new book, Fictional Authenticity

Guest: Alex Terranova

Show NotesAlex talks about his feelings about InstagramDo you feel successful?Let’s talk routinesWhat is Fictional Authenticity’s access point for the reader?Relationships with religion and spirituality or not?Why can’t we “all get home safe” driving?What and how long was your process for Fictional Authenticity?What would you tell a first time author?How about those tattoos…

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Fictional Authenticity

Buy the book on amazon:https://tinyurl.com/y633oaf8

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