Rachel Joy Baribeau has always been a trailblazer. She was the first female host on SiriusXM’s college sports channel. She was the host for the very first College Football Playoff championship game for the 2014 season. And she is a proud voter of a little college football award called the Heisman Trophy. 

From the mountaintop of her career as a sportscaster, Rachel has also seen valleys of despair. She’s fought battles with substance abuse and the passing of her beloved mother to cancer. 

This is why Rachel has penned the remarkable new book Relentless Joy – Finding Freedom, Passion, And Happiness (Even When You Have To Fight For It.) And in our conversation, we spoke about some of the stories she shared in her book, as well as how you can connect with people on a deeper level to spread a little more joy in your world. 

This is an episode you don’t want to miss. 

About Rachel:

Rachel Joy Baribeau is a Moth award-winning storyteller, an inspirational speaker, a highly sought-after teacher, a national movement maker, and a former ceiling-shattering national sportscaster. She received her bachelor's in Radio, Television and Film from Auburn University, and is the host of the Joystarters podcast. When she is not traveling to speak or teach, Rachel adores naps, dancing in her kitchen, museums and history, and trying to spread joy on a daily basis. Of all the titles she goes by, she loves wife and bonus mom the most. She lives in Florida with her family and fur-children.

https://www.rachelbaribeau.com/ – for information about Rachel, her podcast, and her coaching services. 


https://shorturl.at/emnU7 – To order your copy of Relentless Joy



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