Guest 1: Logan Reed, MBA

Why are so many smart, powerful women finding themselves stuck somewhere in their lives? This episode we interview Logan Reed to learn how women can begin moving from stuck to unstoppable and make their voice heard in the world.

Whether you’re a coach, consultant or therapist (or aspire to be one), there’s a simple but profound question that’s at the heart of our field:

“What does it take to create the kind of life-altering transformations that make a profound, meaningful and lasting difference in a person’s life?”

In this entertaining second session, you’re going to start discovering the ‘secret ingredients’ to creating life-changing transformations; the kind of transformations that people pay good money for, rave to their friends about and (most importantly) allow them to live their most inspiring, successful lives.

Show NotesTalk on current affairs happening in the USAConversational intelligence and how we all get someThe “Happiness Dojo”, a great place to find happiness in the world and yourselfFinding your micro and macro actionsWhat the audience will learn:

• They will learn about the Trifecta of Unstoppable and how aligning their Trifecta is the foundation of becoming unstoppable. o Heartseto Mindseto Skillset

• They will learn the symptoms of misalignment for each of the elements of the Trifecta and how they can begin coming back into alignment.o The role of personal myths, sirens and beaconso The role and importance of creating an Aspiration Statement that aligns with your Heartset

• How to create their personal menu that puts them at choice in their world, whether they choose to come from their myths or from their Heartset


1. Why this work matters to me, why it is personal and compelling2. My experience at the Las Vegas women’s conference and the theme of women not being heard 3. The difference between external power and internal power, how my work relates 4. My client, Sherrie, who is a great story of reconnecting to her Heartset, owning her voice and leaving her career to open a forest school

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Guest 2:  Jamie Smart

Show NotesLeverage your innate capacitiesWhat is clarity calibration?Jamie gives stories about past 3 day sessionsHow do you know you are a successful coach?Questions- How can people have a positive impact with ‘resistant’ clients?- What do you mean by the principles behind clarity?- What is the clarity calibration model?- Where does genuine, lasting change come from? – Why is connection so important and how does that work?Follow Jamie: