Guest:  Joel Roberts

Great coaches are trained to empower others to succeed. For the most part, they do this discreetly, behind the scenes, putting the spotlight on their clients. But in our experience working with thousands of coaches, when it comes to calling attention to, and promoting themselves, most are like deer in the headlights. They default to generic jargon and the vast majority sound alike. In this era of unlimited competition, this simply won’t do. Joel Roberts shows you how to break out of the pack. How to use your personal story — and the stories of your clients — stand out. How to grab attention fast by busting myths. How to instantly establish your credibility and get people to fall in love with you. And how to develop a “Singular Signature TM” in the marketplace that is authentic to you and has you sounding like no one else in the universe.

Show NotesTalk about Alex’s trip to DisneylandJoel’s move to Nashville and working with his wifeBook suggestions and favorite authorsJoel helps Alex with his ‘Dream Mason Brand’, find the “you in you”2 kinds of problems: problems you have and problems you don’t“Bring your essence”What’s the biggest problem you see in how coaches tend to present themselves?How can a coach establish their credibility in an industry that has no established standards and about which there still is a lot of skepticism?What are one or two things we can do to stand out?How do you typically work with people?Do you see a role for coaches in the media?What’s an example of this from one of your clients?Follow Joel