Guests:  Jamie Smart & Nicole Lee

The coach’s job is to assist the client in seeing old things in a new way, uncover assumptions, and rise to the challenge of meeting one’s own personal and professional goals. But what happens when coaches don’t have basic cultural competency? Nicole will explore an essential tool that is missing from most coach training programs and how coaches misunderstand their own ability to truly listen and communicate effectively if they don’t have competency in diversity, equity and inclusion.

Show Notes -Explore what does diversity, equity and inclusion mean?-Why is cultural competency important for coaches?-What are many coaches missing about their clients who have different identities/life experiences than they do?Nicole telling stories about working in Africa for Trans-AfricaNicole’s input on diversity and inclusionWhat is it like to work in the business sector with diversity and inclusion?Micro aggression and mosquito bitesThe pursuit of cultural competencyMaking friends with different identities Nicole’s journey to coaching Our work becomes irrelevant if we chose not to change Follow Nicole: