Episode Summary

The Coach Initiative – providing coaches to support leaders of non-profit organizations to make a positive impact in the world. Conversation Among Masters – A gathering of experienced, successful coaches with the premise that the brilliance is in the room…provide interesting, unusual, cutting edge presenters and allow for spontaneous, organic learning and growth among master-level coaches. Your audience will be invited to either join the ranks of coaches involved…or provide The Coach Initiative with suggestions of organizations that can benefit from the Coach Initiative’s support.

Guest: Bobette Reeder

Show Notes

Conversation Among Masters:Who is invited to attend? (criteria?)Where/when will it be next year?Do you know who will be presenting?The Coach Initiative:Coaches listening: who can volunteer to offer coaching services?Invitation to suggest any non-profit organizations that could benefit from coach support.Links Mentionedhttps://conversationamongmasters.comFollow Bobettewww.bobettereeder.comcoachbobette@gmail.com