FIRST Guest: Michael Stratford

Michael is a champion of uniqueness and specializes in unorthodox thought leadership. When presenting it’s been said he’s a blend of wise elder and wickedly irreverent comedian. But that doesn’t include the business savvy, range and depth of experience garnered from 56 different jobs, and the mastery born of 2 decades of coaching clients from rock bands to Fortune 100 company execs and their teams.  He has created an ACTP called Coaching Mastery Program: Designed with Mastery in Mind that he’s delivering both in person and online for China.  He’s also very excited that 2020 will be the debut of his long awaited, labor of love called 7 Realms: A Quest for Self- Mastery, which is like nothing ever seen or experienced before in the personal and professional development world. It is a truly Gamified world experience both in person and online.

In field of Executive Coaching, he has earned a reputation for helping others achieve a level of excellence in communication, leadership, and team performance. Michael’s business client list is an exercise in diversification. It includes Finance/, IT, Energy, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Social media, the Online Gaming World and even other consulting/ coaching providers.

Michael is masterful in the Art of Provocative Inquiry for Leadership Development. His creativity, love of language, and sensing acuity have helped his clients align with emerging trends and personally congruent solutions. In the field of Coaching he was an early adopter (1992 was his first course), attaining the MCC designation in 1999. In addition, he has created curriculum for 4 training organizations, has trained over 7,000 coaches and continues to love the privilege of working with people wanting to have a better life, while being congruent with whom they truly are.  He’s written 4 books on coaching including Masterful Questions, which is still used in Universities and other training courses.

Second Guest: Jeff Boudro

Jeff Boudro is the Executive Director of Power & Systems, Inc.

He has been an avid practitioner of Barry Oshry’s work for 20 years. He is a graduate of the legendary Power Lab and is Master Certified in all of Power + Systems workshops. Jeff has deep experience working with a wide variety of organizations to leverage Power + Systems workshops to strengthen leadership at all levels, build robust cultures, and accelerate their key initiatives.

Power & Systems is a successful, 40+ year old company that is dedicated to helping organizations maximize their success through people.  Key areas of focus include: leadership development, diversity & inclusion, employee engagement, partnership, and customer-focused cultures. Power & Systems was founded by, Barry Oshry, a pioneer in the field of human systems in organizations,

Jeff is a results-oriented leader with significant global experience helping unleash the power of people at all levels of their organization.  He is a dynamic facilitator and a highly energetic leader with a proven track record of leading high performing teams and identifying and developing talent.

Previous to Power & Systems, Jeff held a number of leadership roles in the HR functions of companies including: Hanover Insurance Group, Staples, BankBoston, Putnam Investments, and Macy’s.