Guests: Halli MacNab – La’Wana Harris – Karen Curnow

Halli MacNabHalli is a Professional Certified Coach in private practice. She also trains coaches as a Program Leader for Accomplishment Coaching in their Victoria, BC program and she was instrumental in bringing the training to Canada. She is a Past President of the Vancouver Island ICF Chapter. This year, she is President of the Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO) and has led the organization in creating a Stand for diversity, inclusion & belonging, and set the organization’s focus on making a difference in the Coach Training and Coaching Professions in this regard. This year’s ACTO Conference in June is centred around this topic. Cultural Bio: white, a proud Canadian and a woman who is married to her partner of the same gender. She lives with a (mostly) invisible disability and is an athlete, an engineer and a coach. She was raised in a highly educated, middle income family. A university education was assumed. She was raised by a Jewish mother and Christian father; arguments (“discussions”) were the way to learn. Vancouver Island is her adopted home, and she is an avid fan and advocate for this corner of the world. La’Wana HarrisLa’Wana Harris, CDE, ACC, Harris is a Certified Diversity Executive, an ICF Credentialed Coach, and a global leadership development professional who has dedicated her career to aligning performance with business strategy. She has demonstrated success strategizing a range of corporate functions including global leadership and organizational development, diversity and inclusion, people leadership, and project management. In addition, as a community activist she has created diversity and inclusion awareness programs, built culture programs, and designed overall integrated management solutions.La’Wana is also a respected humanitarian and philanthropist. Understanding how important it is for children to read books with characters they can relate to she created two book series featuring children of color. These books promote cultural diversity and are translated in the native languages of underserved nations. La’Wana has donated 10,000 books in Haitian Creole to schools and orphanages throughout Haiti in partnership with Grace International. Through her efforts, U.S. sales from these books help support young females entering careers in STEM.

A servant leader, foreign and domestic missionary, and a passionate activist, La’Wana believes in meeting people where they are to combat racism, poverty and injustice. Her most recent book, Diversity Beyond Lip Service: A Coaching Guide for Challenging Bias, introduces an “inside out” approach for D&I work.

 Karen CurnowCompass International’s Karen Curnow, MCC is committed to developing powerful, compassionate, and equitable leaders across cultures. Having lived in five countries, Karen serves as coach, facilitator, and consultant for her corporate, federal, and not-for-profit clients and as faculty member in Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching program. Working with a multi-school coach educator team, Karen helped create the groundbreaking Calling in Power and Culture Summit, bringing together over 30 coach education programs to focus on dynamics of power, privilege, rank and culture in coaching. She is currently a Georgetown doctoral candidate, focusing on the impact of culture and marginalization on leadership development.