Jeremy Eads has lived a fascinating life. From Army intelligence officer to window washer, and now a debuting horror and suspense author…he's lived a fascinating life.
Jeremy and I met at the Writer's Hotel conference in New York City back in 2018. In this episode, he and I speak about writing, storytelling, and the struggle of making the transition from simply being a writer to an author.
Oh, and how he's able to write upwards of ten thousand words a day.
Get your copy of Jeremy's debut novel The Lodge today! to order The Lodge.

About The Lodge:

A demon runs a bed and breakfast in southwest Virginia where sin never needs a reservation. A guilt-ridden retiree, two little boys, and a pair of meth making cousins will challenge America's most wanted black widow, a haunted southern town, and the Devil himself. The quest for salvation will lead to the darkest parts of themselves as well as the beating black heart of Summit Valley, Virginia. The Lodge, a B&B where the turn down service is to die for.

About Jeremy:

Jeremy Eads was first published at six years old. Since then he’s gone on to be a traveling musician, soldier, spy, and software engineer. His debut novel, The Lodge, is being published by Wicked House Publications. The official release date is July 28, 2023. He’s also volunteered as an adult education instructor but at heart remains a storyteller. When not writing, Jeremy spends his time chasing his four children who are all faster than he is.

About Ryan:

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