Storytelling is one of the human race’s most cherished traditions. From the ancient Egyptians and their hieroglyphics, pioneers sitting around the campfires regaling each other with tall tales, to the modern-day open mic poetry nights – storytelling is a sacred human tradition as long as humans have existed.

So for this milestone episode of the Soul-R Powered Podcast, I wanted to have a conversation about why we tell our stories. And who better to have that conversation with than two bestselling authors publishers, and storytellers – Elizabeth Hill of Green Heart Living Press, and Mary Ann Pack of Envision Greatness Press.

In this conversation, we speak about the challenges of getting to the root of our stories, how we organize the tales we tell, and how to find the healing lessons our stories bring.

What better way to celebrate 100 episodes than to tell a few stories.

About Mary Ann:

Mary Ann Pack is a spiritual medium, best-selling author, publisher at Envision Greatness Press, and joy advocate. Her mission is to remind people that they are joy embodied, so she imagines a world thriving in more love and joy! She is accomplishing this by writing, publishing, coaching, and podcasting in support of others to use their voices for messages of healing. If you have a book being called through you, want to participate in a collaborative book project, need ghostwriting, or need a customizable journal to uplevel an event or program, visit her website at to explore publishing. Her published books, including the We Are Joy! series, are available on the website. Let’s write the world happy, one word at a time!

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About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth B. Hill, MSW is the founder and CEO of Green Heart Living and Green Heart Living Press. As a bestselling author, Elizabeth has a unique gift of helping clients through the process of writing and publishing their stories and books, as well as utilizing writing to grow their businesses, impact, and income.

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