In this episode Cosmos Dar interviews Cynthia Davis. After several years of continual growth and success in the corporate world of Aerospace and Defense, Cynthia could no long hold back the power of the Entrepreneurial Spirit within! She knew she had to break away from the constraints of the corporate world to experience life on her terms! So, after nearly 30 years, Cynthia said good-bye and started her own management consulting firm. Initially on her own, and then with her partner, Cynthia has grown her company to be a leading firm in helping businesses and business leaders transform their companies, win new business, and become leaders in their industry – just as she did with her own company. Today, Cynthia and Radiant Blue team, work with the top tier defense contractors in the world, affording Cynthia and a few of her elite partners the opportunity to use their expertise with entrepreneurs and business leaders in one-on-one and in small group settings. With her immersive programs like “Leaders of Distinction”, “Transcending Business As Usual”, and “Incremental Monumental Change”, Cynthia helps entrepreneurs who have a vision for something greater than themselves, transcend their own business and personal blind spots and “unknowns” to become the “Obvious Choice” in the market. In this episode Cynthia Discusses the thought processes and actions, with which she went on to become such an Extraordinary American!


  • During her career spanning more than 30 years, Cynthia reached the highest echelons of leadership in some of the most highly respected organizations including General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Bausch & Lomb.
  • Along the way, she led, lived through, and experienced the many highs and lows of corporate existence, from massive growth to mergers and acquisitions, to business restructuring and divestitures. 
  • Cynthia has co-created one of the most unconventional and successful consulting, training, and business advisory firms, Radiant Blue, LLC.
  • As a highly sought-after Executive Advisor, Cynthia’s work with entrepreneurs and business leaders is extraordinary and revolutionary in navigating the challenges of business growth, personal and business transitions, cultural change and transformation, and readying their teams for mission success.
  • Cynthia founded Incremental Monumental Change (IMC), working with entrepreneurs and leaders committed to business and personal mastery, and transcending the status quo.
  • Cynthia is one of few female entrepreneurs who succeeded in a male dominated field because she never let her circumstances dictate her will to succeed. It all came down to the right belief system and self confidence!

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