Learning about Amazon changed Ephraim’s life. He moved from a dissatisfied 21 years-old employee who earned a paltry $12 an hour to a seven-figure seller of over 35,000 products within 6 weeks.

Key Takeaways

Ephraim will teach you the following vital lessons in this interview:

  • Utilize the power of keywords to scale on Amazon
  • Explore Amazon PPC if you desire growth in your eCommerce business
  • Venturing into new business terrains is a great risk that’s worth taking.
  • Knowing what others don’t know can set you apart from other businesses
  • Always prepare for the possibility of a congested port so you don’t completely risk your Q4
  • When Amazon gives you removal, they offer a free window period to send back that SKUs.
  • Ensure to belong to a business community that you can rely on for help like the Amazon family and MDS.