Sasha is a Mother, Midwife, and Relationship & Sexuality coach, and teacher of intuition, and desire. She owns a business alongside her husband, Moritz, working with couples on creating partnerships that foster relationship to personal power, respect and care, deepening connection and intimacy. Sasha believes in living life guided by desire and fueled by connection purpose. In her 14 years of experience as a coach and practitioner, she sees a thread of supporting women and couples who claim their power and autonomy, in relationship to themselves, their partners, families and communities.

Join in as we discuss:

  • The art of being with what is
  • Desire vs. Fantasy vs. Wanting
  • What it takes the hold the weight of our desire 
  • Perfectionism and how it keeps us from what we want
  • Creating business inside of partnership – it’s messy!
  • How to do deep excavation with ourselves 
  • The vulnerability of staying open in partnership 
  • Allowing little deaths in relationship to move you towards Desire 

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