Today’s Guest is Samantha Blossom. With more than 15 years of experience in Chinese Medicine and Quantum. She is also a Certified Body Talk Practitioner, ISBT Bowen Therapy Certified, Emotional Freedom Techniques Facilitator, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Her mission is to teach entrepreneurs how to access their own superpowers and how to reach their full potential. 

Join in as we discuss:

  • Our story of unexpected sisterhood – she’s my partner’s former partner! 
  • Allowing and trusting the ebb and flow of relationships
  • Allowing gems + gold to come into your life 
  • The birth and death process 
  • The way that we back each other as sisters (and why this is so unconventional) 
  • How we navigated stickier parts of our sisterhood 
  • The way we trust we are meant to be in each other’s lives


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