My friend Rinsha has a desire to find a dominant man. This just happens to be a topic that I love talking about, and so we decided to record a conversation where I tell her everything I know and feel in relation to the dominant/submissive space. She is holding her desire so beautifully!  And, she asks all of the questions that you have probably wanted to know if this is something that you desire to explore.  Mainly – “How do I find a dom!?!:  

Join in as we discuss:

  • Holding the desire to find a dominant man
  • What I have gotten from my path practicing submission and what Rinsha sees for herself
  • Getting specific around the qualities you are looking for and the kind of partnership.
  • Platforms for seeking this kind of a connection 
  • Questions to ask to vet potential partners 
  • Red flags to watch out for 
  • How to bring fun, play, and be in the energy of your desire


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